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As a Beauty Salon owner and former Mobile Beauty Technician it is essential that you use the best products available for your clients. You can have all the talent in the world, you can be the best nail technician the nail industry has ever seen or have the best Spray Tanning technique in the country but if the products you are using are not at the same standard as you this will reflect poorly in your work and your customers will blame you and not your products.

Think of yourself as a football player (yes a football player), you are the best in your team, however all of the other players are not up to your standard and as a result the team continues to lose and fails to win any trophies. You don’t get the recognition that you know you deserve until you upgrade, go to a better team, start to play with people who are at the same standard as you and begin to receive the recognition and awards that you knew all along you were capable of.

The beauty industry is exactly the same, the products that you choose reflect your business and your personal reputation. Choose poor products and and your clients will be unhappy with the results which have a massive impact on the number of customers returning to you for treatments.

As this is the Sunjunkie blog we are here to advise you on the best spray tan solution available for your salon/business. There are many spray tan solutions from different companies all promising different things from a chocolate scent to anti cellulite formula for a cheap price.

The first question i always ask when a beauty product is sold for cheap is “why?.. What ingredients must they have left out in order to be able to sell this product for so cheap?”… Don’t get me wrong i love a bargain and finding something for a reduced/cheaper price such as clothes, shoes and random weekends away, but when it is something that i am going to be applying onto my skin, no chance… I want the best!

The Sunjunkie spray tanning solution collection is infused with the finest moisturizing ingredients blended together with natural tanning agents to create the perfect spray tanning solution. It has been expertly formulated to create a streak free and most importantly NATURAL looking tan for all skin types.

The Sunjunkie spray tan solution has developed a great worldwide reputation because of the ingredients they refuse to add into their products as opposed to the ingredients that they add in.

The Sunjunkie Supreme Spray Tanning Solution from their Luxury Olive Collection is our best selling spray tanning solution

One handy fact about the Sunjunkie Olive Spray Tan Solution – This was used at the New York Fashion Week further strengthening Sunjunkie’s reputation as the Professionals Choice of Spray Tanning Solution and taking them a step further to the Best Spray Tanning Solution Company.

Sunjunkie have infused their spray tan solution with Moisture Lock and Body Sculpting Technology to ensure a natural olive tan that will hydrate your skin resulting in a longer lasting tan.

Full of natural tanning agents and deep penetrating moisturizing ingredients, the Sunjunkie spray tanning solution penetrates deeper into the skin than your average spray tanning solution.

The Sunjunkie spray tan solution is available online at or selected Sunjunkie Boutiques Worldwide

Now, as always this blog wouldn’t be complete without a few Sunjunkie Tanspiration Pictures.

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Sunjunkie spray tan solution | fake tan | reviews
Sunjunkie Spray tanning solution | fake tan | reviews
Sunjunkie fake tan spray tanning solution reviews
Sunjunkie fake tan | spray tan solution | self tan |reviews
Sunjunkie spray tanning solution | fake tan | self tan | reviews
Sunjunkie light spray tanning solution
Sunjunkie fake tan | spray tanning solution | self tan | reviews
Sunjunkie sun-kissed spray tanning solution
Sunjunkie fake tan | spray tan solution | self tan | reviews
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