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Welcome to our first official post on our brand new blog. If you are new to Sunjunkie here is a brief description on who and what we actually are.

 “The Luxury Experts in Spray and Self Tanning”

Sunjunkie have many different tanning collections from our luxury self tanning products to the Official Professionals choice for spray tanning solution available in a number of different shades and sizes.

The Sunjunkie self tanning products are available exclusively from our online store and selected Sunjunkie boutiques around the world. Our self tanning products are well known to create the most natural looking self tan complexion and is available in light, medium or dark shades.

Choose from our Self Tanning Mousse, Express Tanning Mist or our Luxury face tanning collection

Sunjunkie fake tan | self tan | products | mousse
Sunjunkie Self Tanning Mousse
Sunjunkie fake tan | self tan | tanning mist
Sunjunkie self tanning mist
Sunjunkie self tan for face fake tan
Sunjunkie fake tan | Self Tan | Face Tan

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