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Blondes have to take extra care when choosing a fake tan product to compliment their skin tone and hair colour. Most fake tans are only formulated for people to achieve the darkest possible look, mainly brunettes and olive skin people. Its no secret that when you put a dark shade of fake tan on someone with a fairer skin tone or hair colour, the results are… Questionable!

Blondes can sometimes look a little bit washed out with a pale complexion, a tan can add a much needed complexion boost and add a bit of colour and warmth to pale skin, However it is important that you find the right shade of fake tan as you know by now that fake tan is not suited for every skin tone, they come in many different shades and colours.

Here is our list of the perfect Fake Tan for blondes to achieve the most naturally tanned complexion possible.

Sunjunkie Self Tanning Mousse – The Sunjunkie tanning mousse will instantly give you a natural tanned complexion, the perfect product to add a touch of colour to your pale skin. Sunjunkie tanning mousse will last for 5-7 days and will fade evenly which is essential as a streaky and patch tan can be noticed from a mile away on pale skin.

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Sunjunkie fake tan for blondes, Spray tan for blondes| sunjunkie reviews
Sunjunkie fake tan for blondes

Sunjunkie Self Tanning Mist – The Sunjunkie tanning mist is perfect for those who want to add a subtle touch of the sun on both their face and body. The Sunjunkie tanning mist instantly improves skin complexion and lasts for 5-7 days. Our tanning mist is the perfect fake tan product for blondes who love to rock a very light tan. Also featured at the New York Fashion Week

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Sunjunkie fake tan, self tan, sunjunkie fake tan for blondes
Sunjunkie fake tan for blondes | self tan for face

Sunjunkie Express Self Tanning – The Sunjunkie express tanning range is the only fake tan collection that has been specifically formulated for every skin tone. Users can achieve a very light tan to a deliciously dark tanned complexion. How? Just simply leave the product on your skin for the designated time to achieve a specific result. Have a look at our guidelines below.


Leave on:

1 hour = light tan

2 hours = Medium tan

3 hours = Dark tan

4 hours = Deliciously Dark tan

The Sunjunkie express fake tan is available as both a self tanning mousse and self tanning mist

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Sunjunkie fake tan for blondes | fake tan | self tan | spray tan solution
Sunjunkie fake tan for blondes
Sunjunkie fake tan for blondes | fake tan | self tanning | spray tan solution
sunjunkie fake tan for blondes