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How to start a successful spray tanning business – Sunjunkie

Thinking of starting your own Spray Tanning Business? Get started with Sunjunkie.

Spray tanning is officially one of the most profitable treatments available in the whole of the UK Beauty market. With an average price of £15-£20 for just 15 minutes work, its no wonder why so many people are training for a new career as a spray tan technician.

Step 1 – Education

The first step to running your own successful spray tanning business is receiving the correct education and training course to deliver a professional spray tanning service to your clients. Remember you are in direct competition with other Salon’s and Mobile spray tan therapists so you need to ensure that the service you are offering is of a World class standard in order to retain and attract new clients.

Sunjunkie offer a fully accredited Spray tan training course which means not only are you professionally trained and educated to start your own spray tanning business but you also receive a professional qualification and certificate in spray tanning which is vital as a new business owner.

Sunjunkie spray tan training courses are a 1 day event and are held on a 1-2-1 basis with our leading spray tan experts who have developed a reputation as one of the worlds leading spray tan therapists after spraying at many global events such as New York and Paris Fashion Weeks, X Factor and many film and TV series throughout the UK and America.

Through our spray tan training course you will become a master of different spray tan techniques used at the New York fashion week which will enable you to offer your clients a unique a flawless spray tanning service.

Step 2 – Products and Equipment

The only way to retain and attract new customers is to give them the results that they want. That can only be achieved by using a product that promises to deliver those results. When it comes to spray tanning your clients you will be faced with many different skin tones and types, Sunjunkie have a huge range of products and spray tan solutions to cater for all skin types by offing many different colour guides and percentages.

Spray Tanning Solutions

Supreme Spray Tan Solution | The Olive Look

The Sunjunkie supreme spray tan solution is aimed at those clients that love the olive look. The supreme spray tan solution is available in many different strengths from 6% (light) to 14% (very dark). This spray tan solution will allow your clients to achieve a natural olive complexion in either a light, medium or dark shade.

Sunjunkie spray tan reviews, spray tan solution, supreme spray tan, sunjunkie
Sunjunkie Supreme Spray Tanning Solutions


Duo Spray Tan Solution | The Natural Look

The Sunjunkie duo spray tan solution is the perfect solution for those that want to achieve a completely natural looking spray tan. The duo spray tan solution contacts unique plummy and olive undertones that combine to create a flawless natural complexion available for all skin tones in a light, medium and dark shade.

Sunjunkie spray tanning solution | reviews | pictures | tan
Sunjunkie Duo Spray Tan Solution


Express Spray Tan Solution | 1 Hour Tan

Our Sunjunkie express spray tan solution is a formula that develops in an exceptionally fast time. The benefits of using a fast developing solution is that it drastically reduces the amount of time that the client has to keep in on their skin to develop. The sunjunkie express spray tan solution can achieve anything from a light to a deliciously dark tan all determined by the amount of time you leave the product on your skin. To achieve a very light tan a client only has to keep the solution on their skin for 1 hour. To achieve a dark tan the client is advised to leave the product on for up to 4 hours.

Sunjunkie spray tan solution, express, reviews, fake tan
Sunjunkie Express Spray Tan Solution


Wedding Spray Tan Solution | Crystal Clear

The Sunjunkie crystal spray tan solution is our new revolutionary spray tan solution that has been specifically developed to prevent colour transfer onto clothes and in particular wedding dresses. Our wedding spray tan solution is a clear water like solution but develops into a natural glow, exactly the same as our other spray tan solutions. Our wedding spray tan solutions are available in different strengths to suit different skin tones.

Spray tan for weddings | bridal spray tan |Sunjunkie
spray tan for weddings | bridal spray tan |sunjunkie

Sunjunkie Spray Tan Kits | Black Edition Spray Tan Machine

The Sunjunkie black edition spray tan machine is officially Europe’s best selling spray tan machine. This high performing machine includes everything you need to get started from a precision spray tan gun, pop up tanning tent, marketing material, spray tan solution and spray tanning accessories.

This spray tanning machine is one if not the only spray tanning machine on the market that is capable of performing spray tans one after another for a prolonged period of time.

The kit also includes a Free 1 day training course at the Sunjunkie academy and is available for just £299

Sunjunkie spray tan kits | spray tan machines | HVLP | spray tan kit machine
Sunjunkie Spray Tan Kits | Black edition spray tan machine – £299.00

Step 3 – Growing your Business

We have helped over 1 Million people grow their spray tan business

Sunjunkie spray tanning business | spray tan | fake tan
Sunjunkie 1 Million customers

Sunjunkie have helped over 1 Million professional spray tan therapists grow their business throughout the UK and Europe.

We are masters of helping our partners grow their business to attract more clients and retain existing customers through our many years of experience in the spray tanning industry. Sunjunkie provide all spray tan therapists with an extensive range of marketing material and provide marketing and advertising advice for all sales channels including word of mouth and social media. We have our own in house team of business and spray tan experts that are on hand 5 days a week to provide you with advice and guidance when you need it most.

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