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The Darkest Spray Tan Solution – Sunjunkie

Here at Sunjunkie we often get asked “What is the darkest spray tan solution that you do?” and the honest answer is there isn’t one.

Okay so as you are all aware, everyone has different skin tones and types which means one thing… Spray tan solutions will have different results on everyone. What may promise dark results for one skin tone may not be dark for another. For example, blonde’s naturally have a lighter complexion to brunettes, so will only need a lighter shade of fake tan in order to achieve a beautiful natural tan, whereas brunettes tend to have the much sought after olive complexion so can get away with using a darker spray tan solution

The darkest percentage of spray tanning solution that Sunjunkie produces is the 14% which is available across all of our ranges, however when someone asks the famous “what is the darkest spray tan solution that you do” question I will always analyse their skin tone before I reply. For fair skin i tend to stick to the 10% occasionally pushing this up to 12% should our clients insist on a darker shade. For brunettes the most common percentage to use on their skin tone is the 12% again occasionally pushing this up to 14% should they insist on having the darkest solution.

But the message i really want to get across today is that by using a higher spray tan solution percentage does not mean that your tan will be darker, as skin tone and type HAS to be taken into account.

Here at Sunjunkie we have tested this theory many times and the results have been the same every time. If you spray a very light skin toned person with the same spray tan solution as a dark skin toned person, the results will simply not look the same and there is a high chance that the person with the lighter skin tone will have very unnatural results as the solution percentage will be too high and not be the right color for their natural skin tone.

It is no secret that fake tan and spray tan solution has had its fair share of negative publicity, from orange looks to streaky legs, but it is for the reason of people using a product that is not made for their skin tone in trying to achieve a tan that is simply too dark for their natural complexion which leaves them looking un-natural.

Our advice is to use the correct percentages on clients with a certain skin tone – Below is our spray tan solution + skin tone guide to help you in choosing the correct percentages for your clients.

6 – 8% = Very fair/ light skin tone

8 – 10% – Light to Medium skin tone

10 – 12% = Medium to Dark skin tone

12 – 14% = Dark/Olive skin tone

Sunjunkie have a collection of 4 spray tan solutions to choose from, all available in a light, medium or dark shade to suit every skin type.

Sunjunkie Supreme Spray Tan Solution – For those that love the olive look in a light, medium or dark shade

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Sunjunkie Supreme Spray Tanning Solutions


Sunjunkie Original Spray Tan Solution – For those that love a sunkissed complexion with unique plummy undertones never before seen in any spray tan solution.

Sunjunkie Spray Tan Solution | Fake Tan | Solutions | Tan
Sunjunkie Original Spray Tan Solution

Sunjunkie Duo Spray Tan Solution – For those that love a completely natural complexion is a light medium or dark shade. The sunjunkie duo is a combination of our Supreme and Original spray tan solution and is our most beautiful colour yet!

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Sunjunkie Duo Spray Tan Solution

Sunjunkie Express Spray Tan Solution – Our revolutionary fast developing spray tan solution can be used to achieve either a light, medium or dark tan in just 2 hours!

Sunjunkie spray tan solution, fake tan, reviews, tan
Sunjunkie Express spray tan solution

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