Sunjunkie spray tan solution - Gigi Hadid

Victorias Secret Fashion Show – Sunjunkie

As most of you will know, last night was the night of the famous Victorias Secret Fashion Show. Or in other words the night that ACTUALLY perfect girls all get together and walk the catwalk in the most perfect underwear known to Women.

Last nights show was extra special, in the way that it marked the debut of our 2 favorite super models, Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid… Lets just all take a minute to appreciate them below.

Sunjunkie spray tan solution - Gigi Hadid
Gigi Hadid – VS Fashion Show – Sunjunkie
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Kendall Jenner VS Fashion Show – Sunjunkie

Not only have these girls got amazingly good looks, great bodies, global superstar status and are now both Victoria’s Secret Angels, they both have absolutely flawless skin.

How do they do it?

Both Kendall and Gigi will obviously have a stylist team on hand to help them perfect their look and achieve a naturally tanned skin tone, but this look is more than achievable to those people who do not have a team of stylists. Its all about knowing what works well for your skin tone.

Kendall has a naturally darker skin tone of the two so can opt for brighter colours such as reds and electric blues in her clothing. Gigi who has a natural lighter skin tone is able to compliment this with a light layer of fake tan and a turquoise outfit that compliments her skin tone perfectly.

How can you achieve their skin tone?

Its all about knowing what works best for your skin tone and choosing the right skin care product to develop the correct look on your skin. For those with a darker skin tone, similar to Kendall, we would recommend a Medium to Dark shade of fake tan. This will give you a natural olive complexion which would further compliment your already dark skin tone. A dark shade of fake tan on dark skin will always give the most perfect look. Its when people add a dark layer of fake tan onto light skin tone that the results can look very unnatural. To get Kendall Jenner’s fake tan look you can just simply click on her picture to view our recommended product to re create her look

Kendall Jenner fake tan | sunjunkie fake tan | spray tan solution sunjunkie
Kendall Jenner fake tan – Sunjunkie

Gigi Hadid has done quite the opposite to Kendall and has opted for a very light layer of fake tan that will add a nice subtle glow and add a bit of warmth to her skin tone. Blondes that have a pale skin tone can sometime look a little bit washed out. To counteract this a light layer of fake tan is needed to add a natural glow. It almost looks like Gigi is not wearing any fake tan due to the natural complexion that she has managed to maintain however a very light shade of fake tan will have this same natural effect and will add warmth and a glow to the skin.

To get Gigi Hadid Fake tan look just simply click on her picture below.

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Gigi Hadid Fake Tan Sunjunkie


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