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Here at Sunjunkie we often get asked what is the best spray tan kit for a mobile spray tan therapist or what is the best spray tan machine for a professional beauty salon. Well today we are going to answer those questions for you and make choosing a new spray tanning machine an easy process.

There are many spray tan machines on the market that are targeted at different businesses. For example some are aimed at mobile spray tan therapists and some at high end busy beauty salons, but how do you know which machine is best for your business?

Sunjunkie have the UK’s largest range of Spray Tan Machines and Kits, not only do Sunjunkie manufacture machines for their selves, they also manufacture machines for other spray tan companies, further cementing their reputation as the market leader for all spray tanning equipment.

Beginner Spray Tan Machine Kit Package 

Price – £179.00

Sunjunkie beginner spray tan kits, spray tan machine, student, starter, hvlp
Sunjunkie spray tan kit – Starter spray tan machine – £179.00

The beginner spray tan machine is perfect for Students/ beginners who are just stepping into the world of spray tanning. This particular spray tan machine is an easy to use spray tan machine and comes with a precision spray tan gun which means it is one of the easier models to perform a spray tan with. This machine is ideal if you are going to be performing anywhere from 5-10 spray tans per day, in the comfort of your own home, your clients home, at college or even in the salon. This spray tan kit package comes with everything you need to perfect the art of spray tanning and start your own successful business.

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Mobile Spray Tan Machine Kit Package


Sunjunkie spray tan kits, spray tan machines, spray tan kit machine | hvlp
Sunjunkie Spray Tan Kits – Glamour Puss Spray Tan Machine – £249.00

The Mobile spray tan kit package is the perfect choice for those who want to start their own spray tanning business. This kit package includes everything you need to get your own successful business started including Sunjunkie Marketing material to promote and grow your business, a full range of spray tanning solution, pop up tanning tent and also comes with free spray tan training.

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Professional Spray Tan Machines and Kits

£299.00 – £499.00

Sunjunkie spray tan kits | spray tan machines | HVLP | spray tan kit machine
Sunjunkie Spray Tan Kits | Black edition spray tan machine – £299.00


The Professional spray tan machine kit package is the number 1 choice for busy spray tan therapists and salons. One of the only spray tan machines that can perform an unlimited amount of spray tans daily to the highest standard. This particular spray tan machine is the quietest model available with a powerful motor engineered to produce the finest spray mist possible. This Spray Tan Kit package is used by many high end spa’s and salons and was also used at the New York fashion week and UK Xfactor.

The kit includes everything a busy salon/mobile spray tan therapist will need to offer a 5 Star spray tanning service to their clients.

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All Sunjunkie spray tan kits come with a 1 year warranty.

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