fake tan for pale fair skin - spray tan solution sunjunkie

Fake Tan for Pale Skin – Sunjunkie

People with fair skin need to take extra care when choosing and applying fake tan products. Choose a shade that is too dark for your natural skin tone, and things will just go from bad to worse!… Trust me.

It’s important to choose a product that is available in a light shade, and has been specifically developed for those with a fair and pale complexion. A huge common mistake I see among women and younger girls is their desire to look as dark as they possibly can by using the darkest available fake tan, even if their natural skin complexion will not suit being coated in a dark shade of fake tan. Honestly ladies, you will look 10 x better if you choose a light fake tan product that matches your skin complexion!

When it comes to using fake tan i always think of those times when i was a teenager in high school, you know the times when you used to wear a make-up that was 5 times darker than your actual skin tone. Luckily nearly every girl i know who used to do this has grown out of that phase (with the help of some products from MACC!) and now use make-up that best suits their skin tone, to help give them a completely natural look.

It is the exact same with fake tan, if you are using a shade that is too dark for your skin then its time to snap out of the phase guys. Remember great fake tan is like good make-up, it enhances your look and minimizes your flaws, use the correct shade and your natural beauty will continue to shine through!

Sunjunkie produce a number of fake tan for pale skin which are ideal for those with a fair complexion, I’m talking redheads and blondes. Sunjunkie self tanning mousse should be at the very top of your buy list if you are searching for a light fake tan. This tanning product will add a very natural light glow which looks perfect when combined with fair hair such as a strong red or a blonde. The product is also ideal for sensitive skin and does not contain any alcohol which dries the skin out very quickly.

The Sunjunkie self tanning mousse will last on the skin for 5-7 days and fades evenly without causing streaks. Sunjunkie have paid extra attention to ensuring that the fake tan does not steak as this will show up from a mile away especially on someone with already fair/pale skin! The product was recently used at the New York Fashion Week to provide the catwalk models with a very subtle glow before they had to strut down the catwalk in front of all those A-listers and fashion critics.

Sunjunkie Fake Tanning Mousse – £14.99

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Sunjunkie fake tan spray tan solution fair skin | pale skin
Sunjunkie fake tan for pale skin
fake tan for pale fair skin - spray tan solution sunjunkie
fake tan for pale skin – Sunjunkie
Sunjunkie fake tan for pale fair skin - spray tan solution reviews
Sunjunkie fake tan for pale skin

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