How Much Should You Charge for a Spray Tan?

Sunjunkie spray tan solution
Sunjunkie spray tan solution cost per spray tan profit

Spray tanning is officially one of the most profitable beauty treatments available within the beauty industry, with the average cost for a spray tan costing between £15 and £20 for just 15 minutes work. It’s no wonder that so many Salons and Spa’s worldwide have introduced this service to their clients.

A 1 litre (1000ml) bottle of spray tan solution can produce up to 20 full body spray tans. With Sunjunkie spray tan solutions 1 litres costing 39.99 plus VAT the potential profit that can be made is why spray tanning is the most profitable beauty treatments for Salons’, Spa’s and Mobile Spray tan therapists.

There are a few different aspects that need to be taken into account when deciding on how much to charge your clients for a spray tan. Such as:

What product are you going to use?

Customers will tend to pay less money for a spray tan with a cheaper product  and more money for a well known product. Try and stick to a well known product with a great reputation which will enable you to charge a slightly higher rate in return for a great end result and a bigger return. Using a market leading product will make your customers want to come back to you for the same service.

Check out your local competition.

As most salons and spas are currently offering a spray tanning service it is important that you find out as much information about their service as possible. How much are they charging? What products are they using? How good is their spray tanning service? Do as much homework as you possibly can on your competition and change something within the service you are offering to make you standout to potential customers. If you and your competition are using the same product, include a few more things in your treatment such as taking the client through a full preparation and aftercare process to ensure that they will have the best possible result. Under pricing a competitor is not always the answer as potential customers can sometimes question why you are so cheap compared to others.

Profits from 1 litre bottle of Sunjunkie Spray Tan Solution

(based on 20 full body spray tans)

£15 per spray tan = £260 Profit

£20 per spray tan = £360 Profit

£25 per spray tan = £460 Profit

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