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Spray Tan Solutions are available in almost every shade and colour imaginable, as professional spray tan therapists we have all used just about every single percentage and strength on our customers due to their personal preference or  skin tone.

Here’s something that you guys can relate to – you are down to your last bottle of 10% Spray tanning solution, your next client who you know has a dark olive complexion, will not settle for a 10% and will DEMAND the 14% that you no longer have in stock. Your initial reaction is to instantly order a bottle of the 14% solution on a speedy next day delivery just for this client. However, there is an alternative that doesn’t involve purchasing another bottle of spray tan solution just for this client, instead with a few tiny drops of the Sunjunkie Spray Tan Booster Drops you can increase the percentage of your 10% solution to a 14%.

Spray tan booster drops are a highly concentrated formula of DHA (the stuff that makes your brown) with a measured amount added into any existing spray tan solution, you can increase the percentage as much as you want. So going back to our earlier issue of the client who wanted a 14% spray tan, there is no need to panic buy and purchase another full bottle. Instead just simply add the Sunjunkie booster drops until the solution percentage increases to the desired amount.

Full instructions on the amount to add will be fully detailed on the back of every booster drop bottle so you can be sure that you are increasing your solution by the correct percentage.

Not only do you save having to purchase another bottle of spray tanning solution for individual clients who want different percentages, but this method is massively cost effective and will maximise your usage of a bottle of spray tanning solution.

The Sunjunkie booster drops are available to buy online at www.sunjunkie.com

spray tan solution booster drops Sunjunkie
spray tan solution booster drops – Sunjunkie