#WCW – Sunjunkie Fake Tan Before and Afters

If you are on Instagram or Twitter you will be familiar with the trend Woman Crush Wednesday or #WCW for short. WCW is basically a day dedicated to the worlds most beautiful women where you openly declare your love for them and their looks whilst questioning life and how its totally unfair that they look like they do…

#WCW used to be purely about the Kardashians, what started with Kim Kardashian has now been taken over by Kylie Jenner due to her ever changing look.

We are going to add our own little WCW twist today, rather than list a long names of beautiful celebs, we are going to to list our beautiful customers… You Guys!!

Every week we ask you to send in your Sunjunkie fake tan selfies so we can share your experiences with others and show off the gorgeous results that you guys have created from using our fake tan.

So our #WCW is dedicated to YOU this week… With a little help from our fake tan!!


Sunjunkie fake tan | self tan | before and after | reviews | Mousse
Sunjunkie Self Tanning Mousse – Light / Medium


Sunjunkie Fake Tan | Self Tan | Dark | Olive | Reviews | Before after
Sunjunkie Self Tan Mousse | Deliciously Dark


Sunjunkie Fake Tan | Self Tan | Mousse | before after | reviews
Sunjunkie Fake Tanning Mousse – Medium


Sunjunkie self tan | fake tan | reviews | before after
Sunjunkie Self Tanning Mist


Sunjunkie Fake Tan | self tan | before after | reviews | sunjunkie
Sunjunkie Self Tanning Mousse – Dark


Sunjunkie fake tan | self tan | mousse | before after | reviews
Sunjunkie Express Self Tanning Mousse


Send your Sunjunkie Selfies in to Twitter:@SunjunkieTanning