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How to Spot a Good Spray Tanning Machine

There a so many makes and models of spray tan machines to choose from beginner spray tan machines to professional spray tan kits for busy salons and professionals. Choosing a machine that is best suited for your business and budget is quite a hard task and can make all the difference to how successful your business will become.

There are a number of different features which can make a machine either a good or bad one. We are going to talk about the features you should ask for and make sure that your spray tan machine has before purchasing. We will also be comparing the different models and kit packages that Sunjunkie have to offer and how they are suitable for different businesses and spray tan therapists at different levels of experience.

How To Spot A Good Spray Tanning Machine

When purchasing a spray tanning machine it is important to look out for the following features to ensure that the machine is to a professional standard

  • Is the Machine a HVLP (High Volume Low Pressure)? – This means that the gun can produce a super fine spray mist which is easier to use. It will also prevent any spray tan solution wastage and any fogging effect of the room being used to spray tan in.
  • Does the Machine have various speed setting controls? – The speed setting is super handy to have, this enables you to control the correct amount of airflow which can help control the amount of solution being used. Sunjunkie always recommend using a Medium speed setting for the perfect air/slution ratio.
  • Does the Spray Tan Gun have an adjustable spray nozzle? – This is very important for controlling the amount of spray tanning solution that leaves the gun. Some clients prefer a thicker layer than others so being able to adjust you spray tan gun nozzle will help you meet different preferences among your clients
  • How many spray tans per day can the machine perform? – Not many spray tan machines have the ability to perform an unlimited amount of spray tans on a daily basis. The Sunjunkie black edition spray tanning machine is one of the only machines that can produce an unlimited amount of spray tans daily. Over usage of any other spray tanning machines can potentially lead to a burnout of the motor which means having to purchase a new spray machine.
  • Does the Machine have a heat option? – This is a real game changer in the cold winter months any client will tell you that!… The heat option enables the machine to blow out warm air to take away the initial shock of the unbearably cold solution hitting your skin.
  • How loud is the machine? – Spray tan machines should not be loud, in order to keep client interaction at an all time high you should speak to them and maintain a flowing conversation with them throughout their spray tan in order to help them feel relaxed. If the machine is too loud then it will be difficult to hear and maintain that client connection which is so important.

By following the above checklist you will be sure to find a spray tan machine that is reliable and will continuously give you and your clients great results. The machines may come at a slightly higher cost than cheaper and more unreliable machines however long term usage and savings will be guaranteed as many smaller and cheaper models will break and waster a higher amount of solution.

Sunjunkie Spray Tan Machine Kit Packages

All of our spray tan kit packages come with everything you need to get started with spray tanning. All of our machines have all the features mentioned in the above list and come with a huge range of sunjunkie spray tanning solutions

For more information on whats included in each package – Click on the picture!!

Sunjunkie spray tanning machines | Spray tan kit package
Sunjunkie Beginner spray tanning machine | Spray Tan kit – £179
Sunjunkie spray tanning machines | spray tan kit | packages | reviews
Sunjunkie Starter Spray Tan Machine Kit Package – £249


Sunjunkie spray tan machines | spray tan kits | package | professional
Sunjunkie Professional Spray Tan Machine – £299