Spray Tanning Machines

Great spray tanning machines can be the difference from a streaky finish to the perfect result! A gun that produces a super fine mist to evenly coat your clients skin is every spray tan professional’s dream. Like the old saying goes “A bad workman blames his tools”… In some cases this statement is absolutely true! However when it comes to spray tanning it’s not so accurate.

A bad spray tan machine can leave an uneven and streaky finish on your clients and will tend to use more spray tan solution than what is necessary. With the increase of more spray tanning solution being used on a single client your profits will drop as a result. Tests conducted by Sunjunkie found that the average amount of solution used to complete a full body spray tan with a Sunjunkie spray tanning machine was 50ml compared to 70ml when using a spray tan machine from a different brand…. Thats a whole 20ml wastage on spray tan solution!

Many spray tan machines come with a fixed speed setting which can contribute to the amount of solution being wasted. Sunjunkie spray tan machines come with a 3 speed setting to control and adjust the speed of the solution sprayed out of the spray gun preventing spray tan solution wastage.

Sunjunkie spray tanning machines can produce an unlimited amount of spray tans on a daily basis and are one of the only machines capable of performing back to back spray tans. Other models when tested have been shown to overheat and in some cases completely cut out.

Sunjunkie spray tan machines are available in a number of different models and include everything you could possibly need to start offering a spray tan service.

Take a look at our machines below, and simply click on the image for more info!

Kit prices start from £179

Sunjunkie spray tanning machines | spray tan kit | reviews
Sunjunkie Starter Spray Tan Machine Kit – £179


Sunjunkie spray tanning machines | spray tan kit | packages | reviews
Sunjunkie Starter Spray Tan Machine Kit Package – £249


Sunjunkie spray tan machines | spray tan kits | package | professional
Sunjunkie Professional Spray Tan Machine – £299