How Spray Tan Solutions have changed

2016 has sparked a rather exciting new trend in the way that some people use both fake tan and spray tan solutions. Gone are the days when people used different solutions and fake tan to achieve the darkest possible look, resulting in some questionable results! Lets face it, we have all had a fake tanning disaster in our lifetime from using a shade that is too dark for our natural skin tone, to missing an area resulting in a white patch… Everyone’s done it!

The way people view spray and fake tan has changed from un-natural results to becoming a beauty essential, with many people now using tanning products to improve the appearance of wrinkles, blemishes and uneven skin tones. As a team of professional spray tan therapists we are constantly working our tanning magic on people throughout the UK and Europe, so we experience the change in trends first hand with many people now opting for a more natural look.

Spray tan solutions will only give unnatural results if the colour is too dark for a persons natural skin tone, if you find the balance between skin tone and fake tan shade, the results will give such a beautifully natural results and will improve your skin tone and complexion massively!

One example of just how much spray tan solutions and fake tan have changed over the years takes me back to when the Sunjunkie team were invited to the New York fashion week. Back then there were only a handful of designers who allowed their models to receive a spray tan before stepping foot on the catwalk, with many other designers strictly against having their models sporting an unnatural complexion. We knew that if we could find the perfect balance between the models skin tone and shade of spray tan solution we would change the way many people view fake tan and spray tan solutions… IT WORKED! Exactly 1 year after we were invited back to the NYFW, this time to spray tan double the amount of models for 3 different catwalk shows.

Sunjunkie New York Fashion
Sunjunkie New York Fashion

It’s easy to find the perfect balance with Sunjunkie spray tan solutions due to our huge range of colours and shades of spray tanning solutions and fake tan. At Sunjunkie we have a famous saying “We have your colours”  as our products are suited for every skin tone and type. We have collections of spray tan solutions for dark olive skin to fake tan for fair skin tones available in Mousse, Mist or Lotion formulas.

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