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How to prepare you skin for a spray tan

Everyone loves having a tan, whether it’s a natural sun-kissed glow, a beautiful fake tan or spray tan. Fake tan offers a lot more than just having a tan, it can improve your complexion, signs of ageing, skin blemishes and overall confidence. The preparation process of a spray tan is one of the most important aspects of applying a tan and can have a massive effect on how your tan develops. If you prepare the skin correctly the results will be instantly noticeable, neglect to prepare the skin and this will have a huge effect on not just how the tan will develop but also how long it will last.

There are a number of things that can alter the way fake tan develops on the skin the most common issues are:

  • Moisturizers left on the skin
  • Old Make Up
  • Perfumes
  • Oil based lotions such as shower gels
  • Oily skin
  • Old fake tan left on the skin

In order to create the perfect fake tan you must have the perfect base to apply it onto. Imagine trying to paint a picture onto a canvas that already has paint on it? It’s exactly the same when it comes to your skin, you skin needs to provide a neutral and plain base in order for the fake tan to naturally develop the way it should do. Anything that is left on the skin mentioned in the above list will alter the way your fake tan will develop and will drastically alter the results. Fake tan works by penetrating the skin with its natural tanning and moisturizing agents, if something is preventing the natural ingredients penetrating the skin then the fake tan will struggle to develop and give a deep tan which can sometimes cause a streaky effect.

How to prepare the skin before every fake tan application?

The perfect base for tanning is pH balanced skin, in order to achieve this  you need to strip all products off your skin and out of your pores. Sunjunkie have developed the only product that is proven to pH balance the skin and remove all old moisturizers, perfumes, make up and old fake tan from your skin and pores creating the perfect base for tanning.

Our fake tan exfoliating wipes have both a soft and rough side, the rough side is designed to give your skin a light exfoliation and remove all old beauty products from your skin. The soft side is designed to naturally pH balance your skin creating the perfect base for a spray or fake tan application.

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