Spray Tan Solutions for Fair Skin

Sunjunkie spray tan solutions are not all formulated to give a person the darkest possible tan, we like to focus on giving the most natural looking tan. Spray tanning solutions offer so much more than just a tan, they can improve the appearance of wrinkles, skin blemishes and even improve the overall complexion on both the face and body. What was once seen as a technique to create the darkest possible complexion has evolved into so much more with more people using fake tan and spray tanning solutions to boost their confidence and complexion rather than trying to achieve a tan that is too dark for their natural skin tone.

There is no such thing in the spray tanning world as “one solutions fits all” as there are hundreds of skin tones and types to cater for.What may be ideal for one skin type may not be ideal for another skin type. Instead Sunjunkie have spent a huge amount of time researching and developing professional spray tanning solutions to match different skin tones. From dark olive skin tones to pale and sensitive skin types, we have a colour for everyone.

Spray Tan Solutions for Fair Skin Recommendations

The Sunjunkie Duo Spray tan solutions are the perfect formulation for fair skin. Our Duo solutions contain unique olive and plummy undertones and was voted the most natural looking spray tanning solution. The Sunjunkie duo spray tanning solution is formulated to develop and create a natural colour specifically on people with sensitive and fair skin.

It is naturally harder for people with pale skin to find a tanning product that tans them but does not give them an unnatural complexion. With our Sunjunkie duo solution we have blended the perfect amount of tanning agents and moisturizing ingredients to penetrate deep into the skin to unveil a natural long lasting tan.

Light Spray tan solution pictures

Take a look at the results you can achieve when using our duo spray tanning solution specifically formulated for fair and sensitive skin. Available in shades ranging from very light to very dark.

Sunjunkie spray tan solutions for pale skin
Light spray tan for pale skin


Sunjunkie light spray tan solution for pale skin
Sunjunkie light spray tan solution for pale skin


Sunjunkie light spray tan solution
Sunjunkie light spray tan solution