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The Hidden Benefits of Fake Tan – Sunjunkie

Fake tan has many different benefits, from a safe alternative to harmful UV rays, to giving you a little confidence boost that naturally comes with having a nice healthy glow. Many people use fake tan for many different things, to achieve the skin tone that they want, to hide skin blemishes, or just simply because they love having a tan.


The beauty of fake tan is that it can be used for almost everything, and in this blog i will be talking about the uses and benefits of fake tan that not many people know about. So lets get started, here are my top 5 benefits of fake tan and what i use them for.

1: Looking like a Greek Goddess – Yes that’s right, the main reason and the main benefit of fake tan is to get a flawless tan. There is nothing better than waking up with a nice olive complexion. Your clothes seem to look better with a tan, a tan makes you appear slimmer and more toned. But not only that, you feel better mentally.

2: Improving your skin complexion – My number 2 reason to wear fake tan is to improve the complexion on both your face and body. Everybody hates spots, wrinkles and any other imperfections we may have on our face. Fake tan is a great help in hiding our skin blemishes. The main places that are prone to breakouts, and skin blemishes is our face so make sure you use a non greasy fake tan such as the Sunjunkie facial self tanning mousse

3: Improves Self Confidence – I was seriously debating putting this reason as my number 1. I genuinely feel on top of the world when i have a nice healthy glow. I know that my complexion looks flawless, i know that my tan looks a great colour and at that moment in time, nothing can put a downer on my happy mood! The saying “Life is better with a tan” is so true.

4: Safe Alternative to UV Rays – As much as everyone loves to relax on a hot beach in a tropical climate, its no secret that too much UV Rays can be damaging to your skin and cause premature ageing. The human body still needs sunlight to prevent various vitamin D deficiencies, so many scientists and health experts recommend  still getting a certain amount of UV exposure.

5: Skin benefits – The Sunjunkie fake tan collection contains many skin enhancing ingredients such as Vitamin E and Aloe Vera which have been clinically proven to improve skin complexion and radiance. Sunjunkie also infuse all of their fake tan with natural moisturizing ingredients which help to naturally hydrate the skin further improving the appearance of wrinkles.

So there is my top 5 uses of fake tan guys! I’d love to hear what your favorite reasons are to use fake tan.

You can view the entire Sunjunkie fake tan collection online at www.sunjunkie.com

Fake Tan for Face

To put it simply, the face is a bit of a b*tch to tan! The face is one of the hardest areas to apply fake tan no matter what skin type you have. Its the first thing that people look at when they see you  (unless you are Kim Kardashian). It’s no secret that the face is prone to skin disorders more than any area of your entire body from oily skin and spots, to dry skin and enlarged pores.

Some of the most common problems that people face when using a fake tan on their face are, an uneven finish, sticking in certain areas (pores), fades quicker than everywhere else and in some cases can trigger breakouts.

In order to tackle these problems head on, i always give my clients the same piece of advice – “Find a fake tan that is specifically made for facial use!!!”

The face is the most sensitive area on the entire body, it reacts differently to certain ingredients that other areas of the body are unaffected by and protects itself differently to other areas of the body. What might work extremely well on your legs may not have the same affect on your face due to a change in sensitivity, skin type, and even texture of the skin.

By finding a self tan for your face and i mean one that has SPECIFICALLY been made for your face, you will see an almost instant result. For example the Sunjunkie face tanning collection does not contain any alcohol, oil or preservatives, as these are known ingredients to trigger dry skin conditions and acne. Instead the Sunjunkie face tanning collection is filled with deep skin penetrating moisturizing ingredients and natural tanning agents that are suitable for sensitive skin.

There’s a saying at Sunjunkie “A great tan is one people don’t talk about, like great make-up it enhances your look and minimizes flaws… Something Sunjunkie have mastered”

Sunjunkie offer fake tan for facial use in a number of different forms such as formulated face tanning mousse and face tanning mist. Both are effortlessly absorbed by the skin and have a very light silky smooth texture that makes it a dream to apply on to the face.

The Sunjunkie face tanning collection contains more skin penetrating ingredients which means your tan doesnt just sit on the first layer of skin, it goes much deeper than this and as a result lasts much longer than other fake tans.

The Sunjunkie face tanning collection is available online here

Below are a few examples of how your face tan should look after applying the Sunjunkie face tanning product.

Sunjunkie fake tan, self tan, spray tan reviews
Sunjunkie fake tan for face | self tan for face
Sunjunkie fake tan for face | face self tanner
Sunjunkie reviews | fake tan | self tan  | spray tan | face tan
Sunjunkie fake tan for face | self tan for face | spray tan | reviews

Fake Tan Tanspiration – Sunjunkie

As we are Sunjunkie, it is our job to provide you with the best fake tan possible… But why take our word for it when you can see first hand what our products can do!

A weekly new feature on our blog will involve uploading some of the best Sunjunkie fake tan pictures from our customers and our trusty instagram page.

If you have a picture you would like us to include in our blog then tweet us with it @sunjunkieuk.

Available online at www.sunjunkie.com

As always, if you like the shade and colour of the tan, simply click on the picture to see what product has been used!

Sunjunkie fake tan | self tanning | spray tanning solution reviews
Sunjunkie fake tan tanspiration
Sunjunkie reviews fake tan self tan spray tan
Sunjunkie fake tan tanspiration
Sunjunkie spray tan fake tan reviews
Sunjunkie tanning mist | fake tan | self tan
Sunjunkie reviews
Sunjunkie fake tan tanspiration
Sunjunkie reviews
Sunjunkie fake tan reviews | tanspiration

Sunjunkie |Spray Tanning | Fake Tan

Welcome to our first official post on our brand new blog. If you are new to Sunjunkie here is a brief description on who and what we actually are.

 “The Luxury Experts in Spray and Self Tanning”

Sunjunkie have many different tanning collections from our luxury self tanning products to the Official Professionals choice for spray tanning solution available in a number of different shades and sizes.

The Sunjunkie self tanning products are available exclusively from our online store www.sunjunkie.com and selected Sunjunkie boutiques around the world. Our self tanning products are well known to create the most natural looking self tan complexion and is available in light, medium or dark shades.

Choose from our Self Tanning Mousse, Express Tanning Mist or our Luxury face tanning collection

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Sunjunkie Self Tanning Mousse
Sunjunkie fake tan | self tan | tanning mist
Sunjunkie self tanning mist
Sunjunkie self tan for face fake tan
Sunjunkie fake tan | Self Tan | Face Tan

Discover the Sunjunkie Fake Tan product collection here