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Start your own spray tanning business with Sunjunkie

Spray tanning is officially one of the most profitable beauty treatments available within the UK with therapists on average charging £15 – £20 for just 15 minutes work. Spray tanning is a huge market with over 6 million spray tans taking place every year, the UK spray tanning industry alone is valued at £80 – £120 million. For new therapists looking to start up their own spray tanning business and tap into that huge UK spray tanning market, standing out from your competition is more important than ever!

When it comes to starting your business, clients will pay more money for better quality products and higher level of service. If the products you are using do not produce the results your client wants, the chances are that client will be very reluctant to use your services again or even pay you for the service they have just received. In the competitive beauty industry it is very important to use products that have a good reputation and produce great results for your clients. By ensuring the products you use are of a high standard, clients will be willing to spend more money with you but more importantly will want to use your services again rather than go to one of your competitors.

The first aspect of starting a spray tanning business is finding a good spray tanning machine, Sunjunkie machines are available in a number of professional packages which include everything you need to start your own spray tanning business. Sunjunkie spray tan machines are available in a range of different models to suit different businesses and budgets.

Professional Spray Tan Kits

Our professional spray tan kit includes the UK’s best selling spray tan machine which can produce an unlimited amount of spray tans daily and comes with a whole collection of Sunjunkie spray tanning solution. Also included is Sunjunkie marketing material to help your business/salon promote the services that you have on offer.

The Sunjunkie professional spray tan machine is unique in the way that it can produce an unlimited amount of spray tans daily, one after another. All of our machines come with FREE spray tan training to help give you a head start over your competitors. By ensuring that you have been fully trained by a professional company you will now be able to offer your clients a professional treatment.

For more information on our spray tan machines and training packages click on the picture below!

Sunjunkie spray tan machines | spray tan kits | package | professional
Sunjunkie Professional Spray Tan Machine – £299

Spray Tanning Solution

The second most important aspect of starting your own spray tanning business is find a professional spray tan solution that gives your clients the results that they want. Using a cheap spray tanning solution will show up on your clients skin a mile away! Always ensure that the spray tanning solution that you use creates great results, by using a well respected spray tanning solution your clients will always want to return to you instead of going to one of your competitors.

Sunjunkie spray tan solutions are available in a number of different collections, ranging from 6% (light) up to 14%(dark). Our solutions are formulated for every skin type, so if you or your clients have sensitive the Sunjunkie solution if a perfect match.

Starting your own business is always going to be a challenge, but by providing a professional service with products that your clients will love, you are on your way to creating a successful business that you should be proud of. Retaining your clients is one of the most important aspects when running a beauty company, many of the successful brands and salons throughout the UK all have one thing in common, they provide their customers with products and services that they love so that they do not feel the need to try other salons and brands.

For more information of starting your own spray tanning business, talk to one of our spray tanning experts by contacting Sunjunkie +0044 161 491 4499 or email the team directly today at sales@sunjunkie.com

Shop online at www.sunjunkie.com

Sunjunkie fake tan reviews pictures spray tan solutions

How to Spot a Good Spray Tanning Machine

There a so many makes and models of spray tan machines to choose from beginner spray tan machines to professional spray tan kits for busy salons and professionals. Choosing a machine that is best suited for your business and budget is quite a hard task and can make all the difference to how successful your business will become.

There are a number of different features which can make a machine either a good or bad one. We are going to talk about the features you should ask for and make sure that your spray tan machine has before purchasing. We will also be comparing the different models and kit packages that Sunjunkie have to offer and how they are suitable for different businesses and spray tan therapists at different levels of experience.

How To Spot A Good Spray Tanning Machine

When purchasing a spray tanning machine it is important to look out for the following features to ensure that the machine is to a professional standard

  • Is the Machine a HVLP (High Volume Low Pressure)? – This means that the gun can produce a super fine spray mist which is easier to use. It will also prevent any spray tan solution wastage and any fogging effect of the room being used to spray tan in.
  • Does the Machine have various speed setting controls? – The speed setting is super handy to have, this enables you to control the correct amount of airflow which can help control the amount of solution being used. Sunjunkie always recommend using a Medium speed setting for the perfect air/slution ratio.
  • Does the Spray Tan Gun have an adjustable spray nozzle? – This is very important for controlling the amount of spray tanning solution that leaves the gun. Some clients prefer a thicker layer than others so being able to adjust you spray tan gun nozzle will help you meet different preferences among your clients
  • How many spray tans per day can the machine perform? – Not many spray tan machines have the ability to perform an unlimited amount of spray tans on a daily basis. The Sunjunkie black edition spray tanning machine is one of the only machines that can produce an unlimited amount of spray tans daily. Over usage of any other spray tanning machines can potentially lead to a burnout of the motor which means having to purchase a new spray machine.
  • Does the Machine have a heat option? – This is a real game changer in the cold winter months any client will tell you that!… The heat option enables the machine to blow out warm air to take away the initial shock of the unbearably cold solution hitting your skin.
  • How loud is the machine? – Spray tan machines should not be loud, in order to keep client interaction at an all time high you should speak to them and maintain a flowing conversation with them throughout their spray tan in order to help them feel relaxed. If the machine is too loud then it will be difficult to hear and maintain that client connection which is so important.

By following the above checklist you will be sure to find a spray tan machine that is reliable and will continuously give you and your clients great results. The machines may come at a slightly higher cost than cheaper and more unreliable machines however long term usage and savings will be guaranteed as many smaller and cheaper models will break and waster a higher amount of solution.

Sunjunkie Spray Tan Machine Kit Packages

All of our spray tan kit packages come with everything you need to get started with spray tanning. All of our machines have all the features mentioned in the above list and come with a huge range of sunjunkie spray tanning solutions

For more information on whats included in each package – Click on the picture!!

Sunjunkie spray tanning machines | Spray tan kit package
Sunjunkie Beginner spray tanning machine | Spray Tan kit – £179
Sunjunkie spray tanning machines | spray tan kit | packages | reviews
Sunjunkie Starter Spray Tan Machine Kit Package – £249


Sunjunkie spray tan machines | spray tan kits | package | professional
Sunjunkie Professional Spray Tan Machine – £299


Work From Home – Mobile Spray Tan Therapist

Spray tanning is a great way to generate an additional income with many spray tan therapists offering the treatment in the comfort of their own home. Working from home is on the rise in the UK with many companies now offering the opportunity for employees to work from home. Becoming your own boss and enjoying the perfect work life balance with flexible working hours is something that is very appealing to people.

Training as a mobile spray tan therapist has never been easier and comes with great earning potential with most therapists earning on average £20 per spray tan, per client.

How do I get Started?

Sunjunkie offer 1-2-1 spray tan training courses where you will be educated on both the theory and practical side of spray tanning. You will learn about the science behind spray tan solution and different techniques that can be used on your clients. Unlike any other spray tanning company, Sunjunkie offer free spray tan training when you purchase one of their professional spray tan machines & kits which include everything you need to start your own spray tanning business, in a professional salon, or as a mobile spray tan therapist.

How Much can I earn?

Many spray tan therapists charge between £15 – £25 per spray tan per client. With a 1 litre bottle of Sunjunkie spray tanning solution costing £47 you can get a total of 20 full body spray tans from 1 bottle. 20 full body spray tans charged at the minimum rate of £15 will generate £300 revenue. Spray tanning is officially the most profitable beauty treatment available with the average spray tan only taking 10-15 minutes to complete. That £15 for just 15 minutes work!

How much you earn is purely dependent on your clients, we recommend gaining a loyal and local client base made up of family members, friends and people who just generally need a spray tan.

How Much Does it Cost to Start?

Sunjunkie offer FREE spray tan training with their professional spray tan kit packages starting at just £249. The spray tan kits include everything that is needed to start offering a spray tanning service with your clients and comes with spray tan solutions, tanning tent, disposables, accessories and a fully certified spray tanning qualification upon completion of the training course.

Take a look at the Sunjunkie spray tan machines below which are available online at Sunjunkie.com, for more information simply click on the picture!

Sunjunkie spray tanning machines | spray tan kit | reviews
Sunjunkie Starter Spray Tan Machine Kit – £179


Sunjunkie spray tanning machines | spray tan kit | packages | reviews
Sunjunkie Starter Spray Tan Machine Kit Package – £249


Sunjunkie spray tan machines | spray tan kits | package | professional
Sunjunkie Professional Spray Tan Machine – £299




Spray Tan Solution for Sensitive Skin Types

When you have sensitive skin, looking for a new skin cream or beauty product can be a very daunting task. Not knowing how your skin is going to react to a certain type of ingredient is a risk in itself. It’s happened to everyone, you purchase a new moisturizer, toner or a new foundation and it just doesn’t take kindly to your skin. In some cases it can irritate your skin or maybe even cause a breakout, the list is endless.

When this happens the sensible thing to do is simply wash the new product off with warm water or discontinue use immediately. There are a number of different ingredients within different skin care products that are known to have a harsh effect on the skin.

  • Alcohol – Proven to have a harsh drying effect on the skin, sucking out all the moisture that is naturally stored. Dryness is one of the major causes for premature ageing.
  • Parabens – A preservative used by many high street beauty products to extent the shelf life of a product. Think of this as a food additive to help extend the sell by date. Some parabens have been proven to damage the skin and can cause some health issues.

Extra care should be taken when choosing a spray tan solution to use on your clients and even yourself. When your skin does not agree with a new beauty product such as a moisturizer it is easy enough to just simply discontinue use and wash the product off, however, it’s not so simple when it comes to a tanning product.

Spray tan solutions penetrate deep into the skin in order to have a lasting effect of up to 7 days. Unlike a moisturizer or foundation, simply washing with warm water will not remove the solution from your skin. In fact, there is not really anything that exists that can 100% remove spray tan solution or fake tan from your skin after it has been applied. Exfoliating your skin can help to speed up the natural process in which spray tanning solution will wear off the skin, usually 5-7 days after application.

There are steps you can take in order prevent having a reaction to a spray tanning solution:

  • Choose a solution that is Alcohol free – All Sunjunkie spray tanning solutions are alcohol free and are blended with Moisture Lock Technology ensuring that your skin is perfectly hydrated.
  • Make sure the solution is Paraben Free – Sunjunkie do not add any preservatives into their solution, we believe in keeping our solution fresh and as natural as possible.
  • Check out before and after photos and online reviews – Nothing speaks the truth like online reviews from people like yourself, listen to how they found the product, the experience and their recommendations! Check out our Sunjunkie before and after photos – Tanspiration
  • Check the price of the Spray Tan Solution – Everyone loves a bargain, but if the product is seriously cheap you need to ask why? What key ingredients are being left out, or what cheap ingredients are being added in?

Discover the Sunjunkie spray tanning range available in every shade and formulated for every skin tone

Shop Online at Sunjunkie.com

Sunjunkie spray tan solution | spray tanning | reviews | pictures
Sunjunkie Spray Tan Solutin Reviews

Spray Tan Solution Booster Drops | The Benefits – Sunjunkie

Spray Tan Solutions are available in almost every shade and colour imaginable, as professional spray tan therapists we have all used just about every single percentage and strength on our customers due to their personal preference or  skin tone.

Here’s something that you guys can relate to – you are down to your last bottle of 10% Spray tanning solution, your next client who you know has a dark olive complexion, will not settle for a 10% and will DEMAND the 14% that you no longer have in stock. Your initial reaction is to instantly order a bottle of the 14% solution on a speedy next day delivery just for this client. However, there is an alternative that doesn’t involve purchasing another bottle of spray tan solution just for this client, instead with a few tiny drops of the Sunjunkie Spray Tan Booster Drops you can increase the percentage of your 10% solution to a 14%.

Spray tan booster drops are a highly concentrated formula of DHA (the stuff that makes your brown) with a measured amount added into any existing spray tan solution, you can increase the percentage as much as you want. So going back to our earlier issue of the client who wanted a 14% spray tan, there is no need to panic buy and purchase another full bottle. Instead just simply add the Sunjunkie booster drops until the solution percentage increases to the desired amount.

Full instructions on the amount to add will be fully detailed on the back of every booster drop bottle so you can be sure that you are increasing your solution by the correct percentage.

Not only do you save having to purchase another bottle of spray tanning solution for individual clients who want different percentages, but this method is massively cost effective and will maximise your usage of a bottle of spray tanning solution.

The Sunjunkie booster drops are available to buy online at www.sunjunkie.com

spray tan solution booster drops Sunjunkie
spray tan solution booster drops – Sunjunkie

Tan Crush Tuesday – Spray Tan Solutions – Sunjunkie

It’s Tuesday!!! Which means one thing, its the day we show you some flawless tans that have been created using Sunjunkie spray tan solutions, in other words, a day that everyone at Sunjunkie likes to call Tan Crush Tuesday!!

There’s nothing we love more than seeing some of the fabulous tans that you guys send in to us after using our products and we love sharing those results with all of you. Whether you use a light or dark spray tan solution, we have colours for everyone!

Todays Tan Crush Tuesday feature will be all about Sunjunkie Spray Tan Solutions and the different strengths and percentages that we have on offer.

Remember if you love the colour just simply click on the image to see what product was used.

Send in your selfies to Twitter – @SunjunkieUK #SunjunkieSelfie

You can purchase all Sunjunkie spray tanning solutions online at www.sunjunkie.com

Sunjunkie spray tan solutions | Spray Tanning | Sunjunkei Spray Tan
Sunjunkie Spray Tan Solutions – 10% Supreme


Spray Tan Solution | Spray Tanning Solution | Sunjunkie Spray Tan
Sunjunkie Spray Tan Solutions – 10% Supreme


spray tan for wedding | bridal spray tan solution | nude clear spray tan solution | sunjunkie
Sunjunkie wedding spray tan | bridal spray tanning solution – 12%


Sunjunkie spray tan solutions | spray tanning solution | Sunjunkie Spray Tan
Sunjunkie Spray Tan Solutions – 10% Duo


Sunjunkie Spray Tanning Solutions | Spray Tan Solutions | Sunjunkiie Spray Tan
Sunjunkie Spray Tan Solution – 8% Supreme


Sunjunkie Spray Tan Solutions | Spray Tanning | Sunjunkie Spray Tan Reviews
Sunjunkie Spray Tan Solutions – 10% Original

How Much Should You Charge for a Spray Tan?

Sunjunkie spray tan solution
Sunjunkie spray tan solution cost per spray tan profit

Spray tanning is officially one of the most profitable beauty treatments available within the beauty industry, with the average cost for a spray tan costing between £15 and £20 for just 15 minutes work. It’s no wonder that so many Salons and Spa’s worldwide have introduced this service to their clients.

A 1 litre (1000ml) bottle of spray tan solution can produce up to 20 full body spray tans. With Sunjunkie spray tan solutions 1 litres costing 39.99 plus VAT the potential profit that can be made is why spray tanning is the most profitable beauty treatments for Salons’, Spa’s and Mobile Spray tan therapists.

There are a few different aspects that need to be taken into account when deciding on how much to charge your clients for a spray tan. Such as:

What product are you going to use?

Customers will tend to pay less money for a spray tan with a cheaper product  and more money for a well known product. Try and stick to a well known product with a great reputation which will enable you to charge a slightly higher rate in return for a great end result and a bigger return. Using a market leading product will make your customers want to come back to you for the same service.

Check out your local competition.

As most salons and spas are currently offering a spray tanning service it is important that you find out as much information about their service as possible. How much are they charging? What products are they using? How good is their spray tanning service? Do as much homework as you possibly can on your competition and change something within the service you are offering to make you standout to potential customers. If you and your competition are using the same product, include a few more things in your treatment such as taking the client through a full preparation and aftercare process to ensure that they will have the best possible result. Under pricing a competitor is not always the answer as potential customers can sometimes question why you are so cheap compared to others.

Profits from 1 litre bottle of Sunjunkie Spray Tan Solution

(based on 20 full body spray tans)

£15 per spray tan = £260 Profit

£20 per spray tan = £360 Profit

£25 per spray tan = £460 Profit

View the full Sunjunkie spray tan solution collection online

Sunjunkie Spray Tan Kits now include a FREE 1 Day Spray Tan Training Course!!

Attention all budding Spray Tan Therapists!!

Sunjunkie are now offering a FREE 1 day spray tan training course with all Spray tan kits starting from just £249.00. All Sunjunkie spray tanning kits include everything you need to start your own spray tanning business and are suitable for beginner, mobile or experienced professionals.

The Sunjunkie kit packages include all the equipment and necessities that are essential to launching a successful spray tanning business or service in an existing Salon or Spa. The spray tan training courses are available at different levels depending on skill and experience from a spray tan course for beginners all the way up to an advanced spray tan training course

What you get:

You will receive everything you need to start your own spray tanning business including a fully certified spray tan qualification.

1 x Sunjunkie Spray Tan Machine

1 x Pop up Spray Tanning Tent

1 x Fully Certified 1 Day Spray Tan Training Course

1 x Precision Spray Tan Gun

6 x Bottles of Sunjunkie Spray Tan Solution (100ml)

2 x Sunjunkie A1 Posters

1 x Pack of Client Information Leaflets (50 Leaflets)

1 x Pack of Customer Care Leaflets (50 Leaflets)

1 x Pack of Stick on Feet (25 Pairs)

1 x Pack of G-Strings (25)

1 x Pack of Disposable Caps

1 x Spray Tan Barrier Cream

1 x Technical Manual

Access to a whole marketplace of Sunjunkie products

Purchase Sunjunkie products at a trade price to maximize profits

12 Month full warranty

The Sunjunkie spray tan kit packages are available with a selection of 3 different machines

Option 1

Sunjunkie Starter Spray Tan Kit Package – £249.00

Click on the picture to go to the product page!

Sunjunkie spray tan kits, spray tan machines, spray tan kit machine | hvlp
Sunjunkie Spray Tan Kits – Glamour Puss Spray Tan Machine – £249.00


Option 2

The Complete Sunjunkie Professional Spray Tan Kit Package – £299.00

Click on the picture to go to the product page!

Sunjunkie spray tan kits | spray tan machines | HVLP | spray tan kit machine
Sunjunkie Spray Tan Kits | Black edition spray tan machine – £299.00

Option 3

The Complete Sunjunkie Professional Spray Tan Kit Package Purple Edition – £334.00

Click on the picture to go to the product page!

Sunjunkie spray tan kits | spray tan machines | spray tan kit machine
Sunjunkie Spray Tan Kits – Purple Spray Tan Machine – £334

Shop Sunjunkie Spray Tan Machines Online by visiting Sunjunkie

Spray Tan Solution Reviews – Sunjunkie

Sunjunkie spray tan solution reviews | fake tan | self tan
Sunjunkie spray tan solution reviews | Sunjunkie

Sunjunkie are the Official Professional’s Choice for Spray Tan Solutions and supplies throughout the UK and Europe

The main difference between Sunjunkie spray tan solutions and other brands available is that the Sunjunkie collection is produced and formulated exclusively by Sunjunkie and has been perfectly blended with the finest tanning agents and moisturizing ingredients. There are many spray tan brands available to everyone, however many solutions are the same product with a different name or label stuck on them. It is important to buy directly from the manufacturer in order to offer your clients the best possible results and increase your returning customers.

Sunjunkie spray tan solutions have been infused with unique colour undertones that actively work together to produce the most beautiful natural tan typically penetrating deeper into the skin than other spray tan solutions to ensure a longer lasting tanned complexion.

The unique colour undertones that Sunjunkie use in all of their solutions have attracted attention from some of the worlds most prestigious events from the New York and Paris Fashion Weeks to the UK X factor. The difference in colours used in all of the Sunjunkie spray tanning solutions ensures that it is the perfect match for every skin tone and type. From those that love the dark olive look, to others that prefer a light sunkissed appearance.

As the Sunjunkie saying goes “WE HAVE YOUR COLOURS!”

Discover the different Sunjunkie spray tan solutions and their unique colours below along with images of the results you and your clients can expect when using the Sunjunkie spray tan collections.

Sunjunkie Supreme Spray Tan Solution – From £5.99

Contains the unique Sunjunkie olive undertone specifically formulated for those that love the Olive look in a Light, Medium of Dark shade.

Shop Online by clicking the Picture!

Sunjunkie | fake tan | self tan | spray tan solution | reviews
Sunjunkie Supreme spray tan solution reviews

Sunjunkie Duo Spray Tan Solution – From – £5.99

Contains a mixture of the famous Sunjunkie Olive and Plummy undertones specifically formulated for those that want to achieve the most natural looking tan. Also available in many different shades ranging from 6% – 14%


Shop Online by clicking the picture!

Sunjunkie spray tan solution | fake tan | self tan | reviews
Sunjunkie Duo Spray Tan Solution Reviews


Sunjunkie Original Spray Tan Solution – From £5.99

The Sunjunkie Original Spray Tan solution was our first ever creation! The solution that launched Sunjunkie! This contains the most unique plummy undertone colour that will create a natural sunkissed complexion, a straight off the beach look! Perfect for clients that want to have natural tan on both their face and body. Also available from 6% – 14%.

Shop online by clicking the picture!

Sunjunkie fake tan spray tanning solution reviews
Sunjunkie original spray tan solution reviews


Sunjunkie Bridal Spray Tan Solution – From £5.99

The Sunjunkie bridal spray tan solution was specifically formulated for Brides to be. A unique spray tan solution that prevents colour transfer onto your beautiful white wedding dress and brides maid dresses. The Sunjunkie wedding spray tan solution appears as a clear water like liquid, however this will still develop the same as other Sunjunkie spray tan solutions. Available in 6% – 14% however we would recommend a light spray tan for your big day!

Shop Online by clicking the Picture!

Spray tan for weddings | bridal spray tan |Sunjunkie
spray tan for weddings | bridal spray tan |sunjunkie

Shop the Sunjunkie collection online at www.sunjunkie.com


The Darkest Spray Tan Solution – Sunjunkie

Here at Sunjunkie we often get asked “What is the darkest spray tan solution that you do?” and the honest answer is there isn’t one.

Okay so as you are all aware, everyone has different skin tones and types which means one thing… Spray tan solutions will have different results on everyone. What may promise dark results for one skin tone may not be dark for another. For example, blonde’s naturally have a lighter complexion to brunettes, so will only need a lighter shade of fake tan in order to achieve a beautiful natural tan, whereas brunettes tend to have the much sought after olive complexion so can get away with using a darker spray tan solution

The darkest percentage of spray tanning solution that Sunjunkie produces is the 14% which is available across all of our ranges, however when someone asks the famous “what is the darkest spray tan solution that you do” question I will always analyse their skin tone before I reply. For fair skin i tend to stick to the 10% occasionally pushing this up to 12% should our clients insist on a darker shade. For brunettes the most common percentage to use on their skin tone is the 12% again occasionally pushing this up to 14% should they insist on having the darkest solution.

But the message i really want to get across today is that by using a higher spray tan solution percentage does not mean that your tan will be darker, as skin tone and type HAS to be taken into account.

Here at Sunjunkie we have tested this theory many times and the results have been the same every time. If you spray a very light skin toned person with the same spray tan solution as a dark skin toned person, the results will simply not look the same and there is a high chance that the person with the lighter skin tone will have very unnatural results as the solution percentage will be too high and not be the right color for their natural skin tone.

It is no secret that fake tan and spray tan solution has had its fair share of negative publicity, from orange looks to streaky legs, but it is for the reason of people using a product that is not made for their skin tone in trying to achieve a tan that is simply too dark for their natural complexion which leaves them looking un-natural.

Our advice is to use the correct percentages on clients with a certain skin tone – Below is our spray tan solution + skin tone guide to help you in choosing the correct percentages for your clients.

6 – 8% = Very fair/ light skin tone

8 – 10% – Light to Medium skin tone

10 – 12% = Medium to Dark skin tone

12 – 14% = Dark/Olive skin tone

Sunjunkie have a collection of 4 spray tan solutions to choose from, all available in a light, medium or dark shade to suit every skin type.

Sunjunkie Supreme Spray Tan Solution – For those that love the olive look in a light, medium or dark shade

Sunjunkie spray tan reviews, spray tan solution, supreme spray tan, sunjunkie
Sunjunkie Supreme Spray Tanning Solutions


Sunjunkie Original Spray Tan Solution – For those that love a sunkissed complexion with unique plummy undertones never before seen in any spray tan solution.

Sunjunkie Spray Tan Solution | Fake Tan | Solutions | Tan
Sunjunkie Original Spray Tan Solution

Sunjunkie Duo Spray Tan Solution – For those that love a completely natural complexion is a light medium or dark shade. The sunjunkie duo is a combination of our Supreme and Original spray tan solution and is our most beautiful colour yet!

Sunjunkie spray tan solution | reviews | pictures | fake tan
Sunjunkie Duo Spray Tan Solution

Sunjunkie Express Spray Tan Solution – Our revolutionary fast developing spray tan solution can be used to achieve either a light, medium or dark tan in just 2 hours!

Sunjunkie spray tan solution, fake tan, reviews, tan
Sunjunkie Express spray tan solution

Discover all Sunjunkie Spray Tan Solutions

Discover the full Sunjunkie tanning range online at www.sunjunkie.com