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Spray Tan Extractor Fan


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The Sunjunkie spray tan extractor fan is the must have piece of spray tanning equipment for professional and mobile spray tan therapists. Our high performance spray tan extractor fan is designed to drastically reduce spray tan overspray. Slim line design with 2 high performance fans, the Sunjunkie spray tan filter system comes with washable and replaceable filters. The number 1 spray tan filter system compatible with all portable spray tanning tents and fully complies with all EU regulations

The Sunjunkie spray tan extractor fan system has been specifically designed to be lightweight and slimline in size, ensuring minimal room is taken up by the filter system. Specifically designed to reduce spray tan overspray promoting a healthy environment for you and your clients. The Sunjunkie spray tan extractor fan system comes with 3 x replaceable spray tan filters and free delivery to the UK Mainland. The most powerful spray tan filter system available from Sunjunkie.com and selected Sunjunkie boutiques