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The Sunjunkie Bodymist will give you a professional, airbrushed salon tan... The Sunless Bodymist will help give you an all over even glow. Packed with natural ingredients like aloe vera which helps moisturise the skin rather than dry it out, like so many other products

"The Sunjunkie Bodymist is the Marie Claire Buy Of The Day"

Pretty Girl Rich - Sunjunkie Review

Hey Dolls,

So recently I was given the opportunity to review some tanning products from a new brand I hadn't heard of before - Sun Junkie (Love the name!). If I hadn't mentioned before, I am very much a tan addict and I am constantly trying out new tanning brands in my search for the perfect tan!

 "Believe me! I absolutely love the golden colour it gave me and I would definitely use it again!" 

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Student Blogger - Sunjunkie Review

Firstly I would like to say a big thank you to Sun Junkie for letting me review their items, it was a pleasure!

As my skin is naturally an olive complexion they sent me their dark tan.  I was really impressed with everything they sent me. I got sent a mitt, a body mist and a dark self-tanning mousse.

"So girls and boys go grab yourself a tan from Sun Junkie, you will not be let down!"

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Lippy in London - Sunjunkie Review

I slept in the tan, washed it off the next morning and was really happy with the colour - a rich golden brown that made me look deceptively healthy and weirdly 'pepped me up'. I suppose it's a bit like popping on a red lipstick to make you feel happier and more confident, a decent fake tan has a similar effect on me!

"I'm incredibly impressed with the Sunjunkie Sunless Bodymist and I'm looking forward to trying out the self tanning mousse from the range next"

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Twenty Something Beauty - Sunjunkie Review

 I woke up in the morning to a lovely even looking tan, even on problem areas like my feet and hands, and was impressed by the distinct lack of orange tone or streaks on any areas I usually screw up with my slap happy application. What I really enjoyed about this tan was that it keep it's depth of colour when I showered, something that most tans can't seem to do on my skin for some reason. It was a lovely mid-brown colour, enough to make me look healthy, but not too dark to make me look obviously fake tanned.

"Overall, a thumbs up from me, and I will definitely be using this for some of my Christmas night occasions!"

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Life as an Hour Glass - Sunjunkie

My SunJunkie tan lasted around 5 days before I needed to top it up and the colour faded evenly.Apart from the great colour payoff, if there's one other reason to buy these products over rival brands it's their gorgeous coconut smell! Most products I've used in the past have that horrible tan biscuit scent which I really dislike

"All in all lovely products. They smell great, give a lovely natural looking tan"

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Carly's Beauty World

The mousse is very easy to use and absorbs well. After applying it I've been getting dressed and going out because the initial guide colour is very natural. After about eight hours or so the product has usually developed into a gorgeous tan colour, but I tend to leave it on overnight and wash it off the next morning. The colour that it leaves is perfect for me and I've found that it lasts well. 

"I can honestly say if i had to choose one Sunjunkie would win hands down every time"

"Sunjunkie have really got it going on with their luxurious packaging and gorgeous smelling products that deliver great results - all factors that really set them apart from other self tanning brands. I'm wondering why I've never come across them before!"

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