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Fake tan by Sunjunkie, the UK’s largest collection of self tanning products available exclusively online at Sunjunkie.com and selected Sunjunkie boutiques. Sunjunkie offer fake tanning products to suit all skin types from gradual, light, medium and dark shades. All Sunjunkie fake tanners are available as a self tanning mousse, mist or lotion and are suitable for clients with a fair skin tone to a dark olive skin tone. Sunjunkie fake tan products are infused with the finest deep skin penetrating moisturizing ingredients and blended with natural tanning agents to create the perfect self tan application.

The Sunjunkie fake tan collection creates a natural tanned complexion and improves the appearance of wrinkles and overall complexion on both the face and body. Our long lasting self tanners are effortlessly absorbed into the skin revealing a natural, streak free finish that lasts on the skin for 5-7 days. With free delivery on orders over £25, shop the Sunjunkie fake tan collection online today

The Sunjunkie fake tan and self tanning products are available across a number of different collections including - Fake Tan for Face, Self Tanning  and Fake tan for body